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We take the time to really get under the skin of your business to understand what you need from your senior leaders. This is very different to building line manager capability, with a focus here on the skills and qualities that you require from your future leaders. A leadership development programme will enable your leaders to take their head out of the day-to-day and think more broadly about what the business wants to achieve and their roles in getting you there. Our leadership development programmes can also be supplemented with one to one and group coaching to support your leaders to overcome any obstacles preventing them from achieving their objectives.

Our focus for you is all about results and working with you to uncover what you’d consider your success measure to be.

Trust is the foundation of high performing teams. Great teams trust one another on a fundamental emotional level and are comfortable being vulnerable with one another.

Our High Performing Teams programme enables your senior leaders to make substantial progress to becoming a more cohesive team. Using Lencioni’s model, these workshops aim to build trust and enable constructive conflict, to help the group commit to decisions and hold one another accountable, with the aim of setting aside personal agendas and focus on what’s best for the team and the business.

How do your people respond and react in the moments that matter?

Your line managers are the internal ‘face’ of your organisation and the role models for your people. Building line manager capability is all about getting the basics right. That might include how to have difficult conversations or how to recruit and interview for a vacant position or even how to give effective feedback or work through employee relations (ER) issues. We work with you to understanding the expectations that your growing business has of your line managers and their teams and we are able to deliver demonstrable results. Ensuring your talent is well supported and confident in their roles and responsibilities and often reducing your business’ exposure to certain ER issues as a result.

We can work with you to identify your immediate and future business needs so that your talent are able to develop with your business at pace. In partnership, we can explore together where the gaps in your training and development may be and how they can be addressed. We can also work with you to succession plan to ensure that as a business you are able to retain your most essential skills. Our offering in this space could include one off or regular workshops with your senior people to map talent across the business, or to develop your overall career framework or career pathways that empower your people to develop with your business.

Whatever your industry or sector there will often be regulatory and compliance training that you may want to provide for your people to limit your exposure to risk and litigation. In today’s market, your clients will also often have expectations of the training that your employees should have access to in order to meet their requirements. Outside of the procurement and/or development of these particular pieces, there is often the issue of rolling out this training and ensuring your teams compliance with it. Stratton HR can support the procurement, implementation and successful rollout of your mandatory training (including making sure you are offering training in all the areas that you should be) in keeping with your client and industry expectations. We work with you to ensure a successful implementation and great employee engagement.

Attracting the best talent in a crowded marketplace can be difficult to say the least. Working with you to create bespoke, outcome driven development programmes makes a statement that you value your people and invest in them, enabling your business to stand out from the crowd.

As your business grows, your experienced talent will be hungry for the next stage in their careers and effective development satiates their desire for stretch and also means that your top talent will be ready to take your business into the future.

Not only can we help your business take care of all of your talent attraction needs, our refined expertise in learning and development will enable you to use your new L&D systems processes and programmes as part of your recruitment and retention strategy.

In a difficult recruitment market, a great way to secure and nurture great new talent may be through taking a chance on career changers or those with little to no work experience. Don’t have an early careers programme just yet? Or are you recruiting early talent and would like more structure to get them ready to be your leaders of tomorrow? Whether it’s helping a schooler to dip their toe into the world of work and give something back to the local community, or finding a talented career changer who has no experience in your field together, we can create an early talent programme which leaves you the envy of your competitors and the standout employer when it comes to developing your people.

Your people are talented, outcome focused and supporting the growth of your business. How can you give them the edge when it comes to agility, delivering on strategy and innovation? How can you support them to overcome challenges in a way that creates new thinking and a growth mindset? The answer is coaching. Whether it’s working with your senior leadership team to offer the headspace and opportunity for new perspectives and innovative solutions to get your business the results that it needs faster; or working with your managers to enable and embed action focused thinking to generate great results.

We use comprehensive psychometric profiling across all services as a tool to support our findings and identify potential solutions for improvement. Throughout our project work, we use the profiling as a baseline data set. We analyse this data in the context of the project, organisation, individual role and organisational objectives to identify strengths, potential areas for development and gaps within teams. We will then use this data, alongside our findings, to present our solutions and recommendations moving forwards.

We also use psychometric profiling throughout recruitment to help us make informed decisions. We use the data gathered to analyse against personalised role profiles for a more effective and fair recruitment process.

Our Success Stories

Titan HQ

Titan HQ are a SaaS Cybersecurity Platform with an award-winning suite of online security solutions. Post PE investment and having been involved in the Due Diligence process for management, we completed an HR diagnostic through 1:1s, focus groups and surveys.

Learning & Development
Happy Days Nurseries

Happy Days care for over 1,000 children at their nurseries and employ nearly 500 staff. We developed a simple yet comprehensive competency framework to underpin all people related activities including recruitment and L&D across the nursery teams.

Learning & Development
Key Travel

Key Travel supports organisations with both individual and group travel needs. With a new CEO, and at a time of organisational change, the business needed to invest in the development of their mid-level HR team.

Learning & Development
Professional services

ICP is a global leader in Content Operations. We have worked closely with the company since investment in 2021, focusing primarily on supporting the CEO and CPO with the building and development of the executive and senior management teams for growth.

Learning & Development
Stowe Family Law

Stowe Family Law is the UK’s largest specialist family law firm, with an excellent reputation. We facilitated a two-part L&D programme of practical tools for developing existing partners whilst advising managing partners on any further support required.

Learning & Development

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